PRO MUSICA: A story of music and solidarity

“Music helps to define what makes us human because of its ability to take us out of our everyday cares and concerns and hold us in a space where the higher self clicks in and we can experience emotional states which refresh our souls and show us new meaning to life” Michael Pearl San Miguel de Allende is a fertile place for culture and art. For more than 6 decades, national and international artists...

The “Cannes of good drinking” arrives to San Miguel de Allende

From August 26 to 30, 2021, San Miguel de Allende hosted the sixth edition of Barra Mexico, the most important cocktail and spirits Bar Show in Mexico and Latin America. Throughout this week, the event brought together creators and lovers of fine drinking from different latitudes who were able to enjoy different events, workshops and tastings of the best and most innovative products and brands. Barra...

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