Holiday Season in San Miguel de Allende

December came to San Miguel de Allende with an aura of hope and joy. Christmas sneaks into public spaces, revealing its colors and charm. Hundreds of poinsettias frame the city and its temples, staining our Main Garden and its surroundings in carmine red. The sky breaks in sparkles, in tiny lights that create constellations that adorn the corridors of Correo, Corregidora, Diez de Sollano, Cuna de Allende and Umarán. A feast for the eyes that will take your breath away. This is how our city prepares for a year that is ending and thousands of opportunities that are beginning.

Holidays in San Miguel de Allende offer a show of music, lights, color and aromas that will envelop your senses and give you that feeling of home. Here you can enjoy different events planned so that you and your family have unforgettable moments. The season begins with the lighting of the Christmas tree that every year brings together San Miguel residents and attracts visitors from all over the world. You can also participate in pilgrimages, open-air concerts, Christmas carols, night pastorelas and posadas with tasting of traditional tamales, ponche, buñuelos and atole. There are different cultural, artistic and religious activities that will allow you to experience the true spirit of peace, love and joy that these winter holidays bring.

In addition to participating in the events that Christmas in San Miguel has prepared for you, you can create your own itinerary.

The gift tour:

If you are looking for some gifts for your family and friends, in San Miguel you can find the most original ones. Give away traditional products of our region of the highest quality such as wine, tequila, handicrafts, art pieces by Mexican and international artists, exclusive clothing from local designers, among many other things.

Relaxation to the maximum:

If you are looking for an escape from the hectic of life to start 2022 with all the good vibes, in San Miguel you can find relaxation spaces that allow you to renew your body and mind. Visit the hot springs, take a bath in the traditional temazcal, receive the energy of the mornings in Charco el Ingenio, practice yoga and meditate in one of the natural environments that this beautiful city offers.

Celebration without worries:

If your plan is to enjoy with your family and friends the wonders of the city without worries, you can visit one of the diverse options of hotels and restaurants in San Miguel de Allende that have activities and special dinners scheduled so that you delight your palate with the best of the Mexican gastronomy of this season.


San Miguel de Allende is waiting for you with its warmth and originality. Live these December holidays in one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Celebrate, relax, get inspired, enjoy, laugh, fall in love with this dream city.


Coldwell Banker SMART wishes you an amazing holiday season!

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