This is how Mexico is celebrated in San Miguel de Allende

In this national month the heart of San Miguel de Allende beats stronger than ever. The entire city is dressed in green, white and red evoking the maxims of hope, unity and heroism that color our nation. The intermittent sounds of the band and the ringing of the bells of the San Miguel Arcangel Parrish remind us of the sound of freedom. The flags can be seen from the balconies, while shields with our eagle and ornamental bells accompany us through the streets and alleys of the city. As the night of September 15 approaches, time goes back more than 2 centuries. Hidalgo and Allende are on horseback along with a procession of torches ready to shout in unison “¡Viva México!”.

This is how Mexico is celebrated in San Miguel de Allende, a place that became a key piece in the history of our nation. The city bears in its name the heroism of one of the main characters of the movement: Ignacio María de Allende y Unzaga. Allende joined the efforts of men and women who were seeking freedom and were willing to give their lives fighting for the ideals of an independent Mexico. In this way, that small city in the center of the country was becoming relevant as the scene of secret conspiracies and battles.

In 2022 we celebrate  212 years of our independence with civic ceremonies, festivities, gatherings, races, performances, musical presentations and fireworks. Our anthem echoed off the stones stepped on by the heroes who built the nation. There was a virtual program prepares for everyone to enjoy the beauty of our city and our Mexico. Restaurants and shops prepared their Mexican menus and with mariachi music we sang: “¡México te llevo en el corazón!”

This year we not only commemorate our homeland with fervor, but it was also an opportunity to recognize the resilience, strength and courage of Mexican men and women who, given the current global circumstances, have stood up and fought for a better Mexico. Happy Independence Day!

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