PRO MUSICA: A story of music and solidarity

“Music helps to define what makes us human because of its ability to take us out of our everyday cares and concerns and hold us in a space where the higher self clicks in and we can experience emotional states which refresh our souls and show us new meaning to life”
Michael Pearl

San Miguel de Allende is a fertile place for culture and art. For more than 6 decades, national and international artists have found in this city a refuge and a space to let their creativity fly. Every corner of our city inspires with its streets, its parks, but above all, its people. Over time we have built a solid community where various social organizations have found their home and the heart of their cause.

Pro Musica A.C. is one of the organizations that was born from the perfect mix between the richness of the cultural scene in San Miguel de Allende and the warmth of its people. Its driving force is and has been the energy of the community and the desire to support young local musicians on their way to becoming better musicians. Pro Musica was born at the beginning of 2000 offering 3 or 4 concerts a year with the aim of raising funds for its musical support and training programs. Over the years, the organization has grown exponentially, now with 30 concerts a year and the presentation of internationally renowned musicians.

Among the wide variety of concerts that Pro Musica prepares annually, we can find the Opera Week that includes presentations in wonderful places such as St. Paul’s Church, located in the heart of our city, as well as a gala aimed at raising funds for the different projects. Moreover, the association has the “Youth + Music” program aimed at children, youth and young adults between 8 and 30 years old. This initiative includes the “Young Mexican Musician Competition“, which this year begins the third week of February and seeks young people between 15 and 25 years old with experience and passion for classical instruments. They also have concerts such as the “Pro Musica Youth Orchestra” and music education programs such as “Rythym, Rhyme + Reason” and “The Music Academy”.

At Coldwell Banker SMART we are proud to be able to support the dreams of Pro Musica and our local young musicians. For more than 10 years our brokers have been Patron Members and sponsors of different programs and concerts, actively contributing to spread art and culture in San Miguel de Allende. For us it is important to return to our community all that it has given us and continue promoting artistic expression. This year we have the privilege of being sponsors of 3 concerts and the traditional Fundraiser Gala:

  • Fundraiser Gala

Los Frailes, SMA.

Tuesday, February 8th. 5PM.


  • Don Pasquale and the Orquesta Camerata Insurgente

Teatro Angela Peralta, SMA.

Thursday, February 10th.  5PM.

Saturday, February 12th. 5PM.

Sunday, February 13th.  5 PM.


  • Garden Concert: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber

Potranca #15, Colonia Guadiana, SMA.

Sturday, March 27th.  5 PM.


  • Amit Peled Cello

St. Paul’s Church, El Cardo #6, SMA.

Friday, March 18th. 5PM.

Saturday, March 20th.  5 PM.


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We invite you to participate in everything that the organization has prepared for this season of concerts and to be part of the Patron Members who, with their generosity, contribute to the support of the different events and programs.


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